International Women’s Day: Leaders helping to shape the future of Athens

In anticipation of International Women’s Day, three of AP’s Project Managers share their vision and love for Athens, in their own words:

Elina Dallas, Architect, Athens Trigono Project Manager

“My vision for Athens is of a vibrant, caring city, where public space is respected; a sustainable city with fewer cars, an inclusive city with happy citizens.


Elina in her beloved--and now even more beautiful--city center.

“Through our work on the Athens Commercial Triangle Revitalization program, we have managed to creatively transform the historical part of the city center, from the bottom up by building relationships and investing in its people.

“I truly believe that a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new, as Albert Einstein put it. In Trigono, this is exactly what we have been doing during these last two and a half years: experimenting and celebrating both our successes and failures. I think this is the way Athens can really change for the better.”

Lida Aslanidou, This is Athens - Polis Project Manager

“I think the beauty of Athens is unrivaled! I want Athenians to regain a sense of pride for their city, and visitors to feel safe and to experience the unadulterated pleasure of strolling in the unique environment that the historical center of Athens has to offer; a harmonic blend of history and modern day life, a complete package of colours, aromas and simultaneous sounds of merchants trying to grab your attention, and buskers, luring you away from your routine-thoughts.“


Lida is all smiles when she’s out in the city she loves.

“This is Athens - Polis” has set a very clear mission: to bring out the beauty of the Historical Center of Athens, which is home to some of the city's architectural treasures, but also to a vast number of new, as well as traditional businesses.

“At the same time, we are setting out to find and invite like-minded individuals who draw inspiration from these surroundings, to create and engage with them. We aim to collaborate with visual artists, graffiti artists and musicians, in order to create and perform in the public space, with the ultimate aim being to revive the area and give it new life!”

Irene Chazapis, Athens Open Schools Project Manager

“Athens is amazing as it is. I admire Athenians who dare to think outside the box and share their knowledge and skills with others.”


Irene excitedly introducing a free Open Schools event.

“Through the Athens Open Schools program, we create new public spaces in neighborhoods, new meeting and creative venues, by opening schools on weekday afternoons and all day on weekends. School buildings are being used as lifelong learning centers with a wide variety of activities geared to all ages and interests, including our most vulnerable community members.

“We are working to bring out the best in Athens by bringing people together and offering opportunities for everyone - without discrimination - to learn and grow.

“Our city is a puzzle of colorful neighborhoods and vivid stories, all of which have their place in the Open Schools.”

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