Why was the Athens Partnership created? 

More and more cities are recognizing the value of strong cross-sector collaboration, which can spark innovation and help leaders to rethink the delivery of services. The Athens Partnership (AP) was designed to facilitate high-impact partnerships between local government and the private sector to support effective, priority public programs. 

AP was created with lead support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and strategic guidance from Bloomberg Associates, an international philanthropic consulting firm that helps cities tackle their most complex and difficult challenges. In a short period of time, AP garnered the support of global philanthropy and NGO partners, expanding its impact outside of the City of Athens.

What is the unique value of the Athens Partnership?

Unlike other nonprofits, this organizational model is uniquely positioned to intersect between municipal government and private sector partners, leveraging the resources and strengths of both. It also serves as a responsible agent for foundations, corporations, and individuals wanting to contribute to priority public programs in Greece. AP enables the City to pilot innovative new programs, track progress, and assess effectiveness to meet more community demands as well as respond rapidly to emerging needs. It was designed to support actionable, immediate projects serving Greek residents, not to raise money for unknown needs in the future. 

While the Athens Partnership was championed by former Athens Mayor Georgios Kaminis, it is an nonpartisan entity designed to live through many more administrations, and serve as a model for Greece and beyond.

How is the Athens Partnership structured and what is the oversight?

The Athens Partnership is an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit organization based in Athens, Greece. There are many layers of accountability and transparency built into this model. Projects are developed in collaboration with colleagues in municipal government as well as community stakeholders, and overseen by a Board of Directors, ensuring that initiatives are in the best interests of residents, and demonstrate effective, efficient use of resources. AP is committed to accountability and transparency at all levels and to evaluating the impact of its projects to determine future investment.

The King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS), a 501(c)3 public charity, serves as AP’s fiscal partner in the United States. KBUS is the leading resource for philanthropic giving to Europe and Africa. Since there are many international philanthropic supporters wanting to aid Greece, this partnership enhances giving and channels it to programs in need.

Contributions can be made to our organization in Greece or in the U.S. through the Athens Partnership U.S. Fund/KBFUS. For details, please click here.