Designed for Better Learning

The Designed for Better Learning program set out to create a new educational paradigm to reinvigorate public schools, addressing not only outdated school design, furniture and equipment, but also the lack of participation and involvement by students and teachers. In 2016, the program also launched the first municipal-owned Maker Space in Greece.

With the expertise of the Technical University of Crete’s Transformable Intelligent Environments Laboratory (TUC-TIE Lab), the Designed for Better Learning (DBL) program transformed the physical environment and educational experience in 24 public schools, from preschool to high school. Students and teachers were involved in the redesign of their school buildings, play yards and surrounding spaces, providing new opportunities for creativity and connection. 

Surveys after the program’s completion at each site showed a marked increase in student and parent engagement and positive connections with their schools. Teachers were also able to engage students in more collaborative hands-on projects.

  • 77% of schoolchildren report leaving school content and happy, while 34% see school as a place of creativity for the first time;

  • 66% of teachers report better predisposed towards their school, while 43% experimented with alternative forms of teaching.

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DBL in numbers:

  • 24 public schools redesigned

  • 4,215 students and teachers directly impacted

  • 40 requests for replication across Greece

Founding Donor



Vice Mayor for the Child; Vice Mayor for Urban Infrastructure;
Technical University of Crete;
Ministry of Education


May 2015 - Sept. 2018

(2015 pilot supported by coca-cola 3E; vivechrom)