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October 2017


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The Athens Digital Lab (ADL) brings together the City of Athens with tech companies COSMOTE and Nokia in a groundbreaking venture coordinated by the Athens Partnership, and funded with a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The first cohort of four ADL teams, selected from 110 applications, developed four prototype apps in 2018, which are being piloted across the City of Athens. Projects include a smart waste management system with a pilot application at 20 central locations throughout the city, a data marketplace for tech organizations and institutions, a smart public spaces management system, and a green management system that uses sensor nodes and a web platform installed in the National Garden of Athens.

ADL received Honorary Distinction by Boussias Communications at the 2018 Environmental Awards for its contribution to the protection of the environment and support of young entrepreneurship. ADL was also awarded ‘’Best Innovative Action of the Year’’ at the InfoCom World Conference 2018.

The second cohort of ADL teams, currently developing 8 new prototype apps, are:

● City Museum, AR tour guide, showcasing the least known monuments, transforming Athens in an open-air museum

● FREATiot, flood / pipe prevention device

 GarCTOS, garbage collection and transportation optimization system

 ΙntelliWaste, a sophisticated waste management system

 MaGOS, A portable human-computer interaction device, tracking finger movement in a modern AR/VR environment

● Narratologies, IoT enabled walks, an immersive experience of myths and tales that represent the hidden imaginary of the city.

 sCoolSense, creating the “school of tomorrow” with the use of sensors, IoT devices and the active engagement of teachers and parents

 SpaceStudents, in-class engaging game simulating a space colony, educating students to recycling and optimal use of resources and energy, highlighting the value of sustainability.

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