Our Mission

The Athens Partnership (AP) is an independent, nonprofit organization that leverages government resources and secures cross-sector support for public priorities in Greece. AP facilitates high-impact partnerships between municipal government and the private sector, addressing vital issues, including poverty alleviation, health, education, and community development.

During a crucial time of need in our city, the Athens Partnership is helping us to move forward, spark innovation, and rethink the delivery of services.
— Georgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens (2011-2019)

Our start

The launch of AP was championed by the Mayor of Athens in 2015, with a founding grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and strategic guidance from Bloomberg Associates. The organization was designed to develop projects in coordination with local government and a network of partners to effectively target needs, identify gaps, design solutions, and maximize resources.

AP has engaged over 300 public and private partners to advance initiatives and collective goals. Our model and projects are now resonating outside of Athens — to cities throughout Greece and beyond.

how we work

Mobilizing and facilitating cross-sector collaboration is at the core of our work. We believe that no significant urban challenge can be solved solely by government or a private entity. By leveraging both public and private resources, AP works to pilot programs, evaluate their effectiveness, and help scale successful efforts.

Once a project is designed and funding is secured, AP oversees project management in close collaboration with municipal agencies as well as community partners, such as service providers and educational institutions. We ensure project deliverables are met as well as reporting to inform any future investments. Constant monitoring and problem-solving are essential to our programs’ success.