In the Press

Below is a selection of press clippings featuring Athens Partnership initiatives:

Athens Partnership

KATHIMERINI: “Synergies earn Athens title of innovation capital”. 11/08/18
KATHIMERINI: "Improving and strengthening the city through cooperation"Full-page feature on the Athens Partnership, 9/22/18
KATHIMERINI: "A new overcoat for Athens". [in Greek] 8/2/18
POLITISMOS MUSEUM OF GREEK HISTORY: "Athens Partnership - Innovation Abounds" 8/18/18
GREEK REPORTER: "Athens Keeps Schools Open for Locals and Refugees", 04/23/18
KATHIMERINI: Athens Partnership Announcement, 02/14/16  [in Greek]
KATHIMERINI: "Message for start-ups is ‘Don’t stop’", 11/12/17

Revitalization of the Athens Commercial Triangle

ATHINORAMA: "What is changing in Athens' commercial triangle?" 09/12/17 [in Greek]
KATHIMERINI: "The revival of the capital’s commercial triangle", 08/16/17

Designed for Better Learning

TA NEA: "School children become 21st century inventors", 06/25/18, [in Greek]
ERT: "Educational program Gold prize", 05/24/18 [in Greek]
KATHIMERINI: "School as never seen before", 09/14/17 [in Greek]

Open Schools

ATHENS VOICE: "Schools open in the Summer", 06/20/18
KATHIMERINI: "All of Athens fit into the Open Schools, 07/29/17 [in Greek]
THE TOC: When school becomes a vital center for every neighborhood, 7/19/17 [in Greek]

Athens Chief Digital Officer

KATHIMERINI: "Athens joins the international club of smart cities", 6/27/17

Athens Digital Lab

NEWSBEAST: "Athens Digital Lab presents teams developing innovative solutions", 05/08/18

Athens Tourism Partnership

XINHUA: "Volunteers join efforts to boost record tourism arrivals in Athens", 08/26/17
HUFFINGTON POST: "New plan to raise Athens' profile as an international tourist destination", 16/12/17 [in Greek] 

Athens Culture Net

TRAVELLING NEWS: "The City of Athens promotes artistic production", 5/22/17  [in Greek]

Athens Digital Council

PROTAGON.GR: "Digital Council convenes for second time under Mayor Kaminis", 06/26/18 [in Greek]
CITYOFATHENS.GR "Mayor Kaminis Teams with Leading Technology Companies and Launches the Athens Digital Council", City of Athens portal, 6/21/17

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