In coordination with the Municipality of Athens, the Athens Partnership is currently facilitating over a dozen major initiatives, which are all evaluated to assess outcomes and their impact. This section includes a list of initiatives below and some featured projects in more detail.

Community Development

Designed for Better Learning
This strategic renovation of public schools in great need aims to improve learning outcomes as well as teacher and community engagement. 24 schools, ranging from preschool to high school, have been transformed to date and a comprehensive handbook along with training materials is being developed so the model can be replicated. 

The program also launched the first municipal-owned Maker Space in Greece.

Open Schools
In an effort to utilize public facilities to address community needs, this program opens the doors of public schools, hosting targeted programming for all age groups. 25 schools in neighborhoods throughout the city now remain open after school hours and on weekends to provide space for activities and engagement opportunities.

Play Space Redesign
With the goal of reclaiming public spaces and maximizing their use, Serafeio, a beloved community playground, is being transformed into a modern play space to increase community engagement and connection to the new municipal Serafeio Sports complex. 

Social Services Delivery

Social Integration Initiative
The "i serve" ("Εξυπηρετώ") database is an information and referral system pilot to improve social service delivery and support beneficiaries through work training.

Social Inclusion
This initiative serves some of the most vulnerable individuals and families in Athens by issuing pre-paid food/benefit cards.

Migrants and Refugees Coordination Center & Observatory
In partnership with city officials and leading international NGOs, this center was established to coordinate initiatives on refugees and migrants as well as identify and respond to longer-term trends. It is the first of its kind in Greece.

Integrated Social Services Network
This initiative introduced the "i care"  ("Νοιάζομαι") case management system to coordinate the city's social services and transformed a health clinic to a multi-service one-stop-shop municipal centre.

Economic Development and Vibrancy

Commercial Triangle Revitalization
This public space enhancement and pedestrianization effort is providing graffiti removal, cleaning services, and other interventions to reclaim the historic center of Athens for residents and visitors alike.

Athens Culture Net
The Athens Culture Net (ACN)  links major cultural institutions in Athens and offers support, solutions and networking to its members. ACN aims to facilitate the production of cultural events in public spaces, promote cultural product and contemporary artistic production to an international audience and provide timely and quick access to information for cultural events in Athens.

Athens Tourism Initiative
Recognizing that every 40 visitors support 1 tourism job on average, this first-ever partnership of key private and public sector players aims to promote Athens as a contemporary cultural centre and city break destination. You can watch the campaign video here.

Digital Alliance
A partnership between the City of Athens and tech industry leaders, the goal of this initiative is to position Athens at the forefront of piloting tech solutions to benefit urban residents. The program will help foster economic growth in the tech sector and improve the delivery of municipal services.


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