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February 2017


Vice – Mayor City of Athens for Migrants, Refugees and Municipal Decentralization, Public Issue

The unprecedented plight of refugees in recent years found European governments unprepared to deal with a global humanitarian crisis. In Greece, public and private forces channeled an enormous amount of resources for relief efforts; however, gaps and a lack of coordination often hampered results. 

The Athens Coordination Center for Migrant and Refugee issues (ACCMR) was developed to bring together the major entities serving refugees. Within just a few months of launching, the new Center included over 75 of the largest national and international organizations, sharing data  and resources to strategically address immediate  and future needs of refugees as well as inform policy and spending. 

The coalition of providers convened through the ACCMR is also leading the development of a preparedness plan to address future refugee crises. Municipal staff are working with ACCMR members to map services and infrastructure, identify challenges, and develop emergency scenarios. 

A Strategic Action Plan for Refugee and Migrant Integration is also being developed by the ACCMR, which can serve as a model for municipalities across Greece. The ACCMR is hosting ongoing trainings and education seminars such as staff workshops on minors experiencing trauma and training courses for young refugees on coding with SAP Corporation.

ACCMR in numbers

  • 80 member organizations
  • 5 municipal  departments engaged
  • 65 pilot project proposals developed

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