Revitalization of the Athens Commercial Triangle

exclusive donor



February 2017


Vice Mayor for Urban Infrastructure; Vice Mayor for the Police, Vice Mayor for Sanitation and Recycling, Vice Mayor for Civil Society, Local Stakeholders (including store operators)


Athens’ city center has suffered from widespread tagging, illegally parked vehicles encroaching on public space, and outdated street furniture. These conditions have impacted businesses, the livelihood of community members, and discouraged tourists. 

The Trigono project leveraged existing government resources and private investment to create a more vibrant and sustainable public space. The initiative garnered community engagement and urban design expertise to support new cleaning equipment and efforts to safeguard vehicle-free, pedestrian streets.  The program removed graffiti, improved garbage collection, and engaged local business partners to maintain cleanliness. 

Six dilapidated buildings were covered with building wraps of images from contemporary Greek dance, while several buildings unused for years have re-opened as spaces hosting art exhibitions. The project also led to the area’s revival as a hotspot of cultural production, featuring public art and events with more than 17,000 participants, engaging more than 180 artists in 30 arts events.

Revitalization of the Athens Commercial Triangle in numbers

  • 8,300 sq. m. of graffiti cleaned

  • 12 Municipal departments engaged

  • 20 organizations/ NGOs engaged

  • 100+ store owners engaged

  • 18 new businesses in the area

In the press: "The revival of the capital’s commercial triangle." Kathimerini 16.08.17