The Athens Partnership was launched in 2015 -- an initiative of the Mayor of Athens Georgios Kaminis with lead support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and strategic guidance from Bloomberg Associates --  to be a catalyst for innovative public programs in Athens, Greece. It is an independent, nonprofit entity uniquely positioned to intersect between city government and private sector partners, leveraging the resources and strengths of both. The Athens Partnership is now facilitating over a dozen major initiatives in coordination with the Municipality of Athens and global philanthropic leaders.

Our Mission

We believe that through strategic collaboration, we can find actionable, creative solutions to the most pressing problems in Athens, Greece. The Athens Partnership supports city priorities in all areas of service, including poverty alleviation, health, education, and community development, while simultaneously evaluating outcomes and the impact of its initiatives.

“During a crucial time of need in our city, the Athens Partnership is helping us to move forward, spark innovation, and rethink the delivery of services.”

Georgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens

Our initiatives are developed in close coordination with the City of Athens.  While we embrace innovative approaches, we ensure that all projects meet immediate needs, employ the highest standards, and are in the best interest of the city's residents.

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We are grateful for our vital project partners, including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, volunteers
and contributors, who are committed to Athens
and its inspiring residents--young and old.

We hope you will join this growing and exciting movement. 

For media enquiries, please contact: Alexandros Kandarakis, email:, tel: 6972800801.